Who is Afroxander?

Afroxander is the nom de guerre for writer/photographer Ivan Fernandez, based in Southern California. He currently writes for L.A. Taco and GameCrate and is studying at San Diego State University. His work has also appeared in Remezcla, LA Weekly, MTV Iggy, Red Bull Panamerika FM, Coachella CAMP magazine, and Voxxi.

E-MAIL CONTACT: afroxander@gmail.com

Afroxander and Ernest Hemingway outside the Plaza de Toros in Pamplona, Spain following the encierro/running on July 10th, 2011.


3 Responses to Who is Afroxander?

  1. Czr says:

    BLAUUU! Nice. Keep on writin’ Afroxander.

  2. Andrea picos says:

    Hola “yapur” hahahah no se si me recuerdas te conoci en evento de te para tres lexus kinky 🙂 encontre tu tarjeta en mi bolsa haha .. Solo pasaba a saludar … De pura casualidad nos tomaste fotos ?

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