Who is Afroxander?

Afroxander is the nom de guerre for writer/photographer Ivan Fernandez, based in Southern California. He currently writes for GameCrateRemezcla LA,  Remezcla Musica & LA Weekly. His work has also appeared in MTV Iggy, Red Bull Panamerika FM, Coachella CAMP magazine, and Voxxi.

E-MAIL CONTACT: afroxander@gmail.com

Afroxander and Ernest Hemingway outside the Plaza de Toros in Pamplona, Spain following the encierro/running on July 10th, 2011.


3 Responses to Who is Afroxander?

  1. Czr says:

    BLAUUU! Nice. Keep on writin’ Afroxander.

  2. Andrea picos says:

    Hola “yapur” hahahah no se si me recuerdas te conoci en evento de te para tres lexus kinky 🙂 encontre tu tarjeta en mi bolsa haha .. Solo pasaba a saludar … De pura casualidad nos tomaste fotos ?

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