Who is Afroxander?

a.k.a. Iván Fernández.


Writer, photographer, and graduate student researcher at San Diego State University with nearly 20 years experience working as a journalist, writer, and photographer. He continues to cover numerous topics related to the arts, culture, history, and sports of Latin America and the Latinx diaspora across the world with a focus on those living in the United States of America. His work has appeared in various online and print publications including GRAMMYs, FLAUNT, KCET (Artbound, Lost L.A. & Southland Sessions), L.A. Taco, LA Weekly, Coachella CAMP magazine, Remezcla, Gamecrate, Panamerika, MTV Iggy, and others.

His research at SDSU focuses on the ethnography of association football (soccer) fandoms/fans through the complex and interrelated relationship between the sport, art, culture, history, and politics as a means of creating and influencing such fandoms. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications from California State University San Bernardino (2004).

Afroxander and Ernest Hemingway outside the Plaza de Toros in Pamplona, Spain following the encierro/running on July 10th, 2011.

contact: afroxander [@] gmail

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