New portfolio – Authory

I rarely endorse products in general but I have to say that my life was just made easier thanks to Authory. I realize this already sounds like an ad or sponsored post but bear with me and you’ll understand (or you probably won’t if you’re not a journalist, writer, etc. but I’ll try!) it isn’t & why I’m endorsing Authory.

One of the bane of every journalist’s existence is building an online portfolio. It can be long, tedious, frustrating, and far too time-consuming. This, unfortunately, is necessary (the former, not the latter) and grows increasingly maddening and difficult the larger your body of work grows. The alternative is worse though. A journo can’t rely on the publication source to contain their work forever. I have more than once lost published work online when a website has suddently and without warning pulled the plug on its website (they have no incentive to provide their employees/contributors any data). The solution is to do it oneself but, again, that process can be long, tedious, and time-consuming.

What I love about Authory is that it offers a solution to these problems. The website uses automation to crawl through a website and pull every article with your byline onto its website. It also creates a backup of each article. In the long list of “Things That Should Have Been Invented Sooner But We’re Ecstatic It Exists Now,” this ranks within the Top 5!

This is a gift for every journalist/writer out there that I can’t keep to myself!

Take a peek at my work…nearly ALL my work:

If you feel so inclined to join, please do so using my invite link. You’ll get a month free:

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