Birds, Bands and Bob Marley: Welcome to Feeding Birds Boutique’s Midsummer Flock Party!

My friends at Feeding Birds Boutique held their annual Midsummer Flock Party this past weekend. The event featured a number of free shows by local musicians, rare photos of Bob Marley for sale by photographer Kim Gottlieb-Walker, the Calbi food truck and Los Angeles shaved ice truck.




Local art(ists):




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Teri of Le Butcherettes Spills her Guts on her New Album, New Band and New Home


Le Butcherettes opened for living legend Mike Watt (Minutemen, dos, fIREHOUSE, The Stooges) this past Friday for a night filled with many “firsts”: it was the band’s first gig at The Echo (photos here), the first time playing mostly (all?!) songs off their upcoming debut album Sin Sin Sin, and the first time the new lineup featuring Gabe Serbian of The Locust and Jonathan Hischke of Hella performed together.

I spoke with Teri before the show about the many changes and obstacles she’s faced since Le Butcherettes’ performance at The Troubadour last September, how she met her new bandmates, her new home in Echo Park and life as a musician in Mexico and the USA.

Below is the trailer to the movie mentioned in the last clip, Los Ojos de un Omiso Destino: