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For Venezuelan Rockers La Vida Bohème, La Lucha (“The Struggle”) Continues

Henry D’Arthenay sits in the living room of his new apartment in Mexico City, thousands of miles from his hometown of Caracas, Venezuela. We’re a few weeks shy of four years from when the singer-guitarist for Latin rock group La … Continue reading

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How His Grandfather’s Death and Mexico City Inspired AJ Davila’s New Sound

There comes a time when most every old punk decides to grow up, at least to some degree. Though AJ Dávila, the heavy-drinking, all-night-partying, cigarette-huffing former member of Puerto Rican garage-rock sensation Davila 666, hasn’t settled into a cubicle or … Continue reading

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Girl School/Ruidosa Presents Heroína Latina Ruidosa (“to make noise, to rumble, the agitators”), invites a bilingual and multi-cultural mix of mujeres musicians and culture makers and shapers to share their unique experiences of developing careers from such diverse spaces such as journalism, punk, ranchera, … Continue reading

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Bring Compelling LatAm Stories to World with ZZK Records

My friends at ZZK Records have been raising funds since October in order to fund new creative endeavors. They’re currently in the process of producing three documentary films about the new Latin American sound. Here’s the first part of their … Continue reading

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Rocky Dawuni and Afro Funké Celebrate the African Diaspora With Africa Rising

The too often-used tactic of describing a musician by comparing them to another musician of years past is typically a lazy maneuver that fails to properly individualize the modern artist from their legendary counterpart. However, there is plenty of merit … Continue reading

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Schools Not Prisons: Buyepongo and Ceci Bastida Rally Against Mass Incarceration

Singer-songwriter Ceci Bastida has long championed political and social causes such as immigrant rights, the Zapatista movement and various issues concerning her native country of Mexico. Her most recent foray into activism, however, is undoubtedly her most personal. This Saturday … Continue reading

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Finally, a Celebration of Afro-Latino Music That Doesn’t Ignore Hip-Hop

The sounds and rhythms of West African drums, the sharp slaps on the djembe and the cavernous thumps on the dunun, will echo and bounce out of the recently reopened John Anson Ford Theatres and off into the hills surrounding … Continue reading

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