Girl School/Ruidosa Presents Heroína Latina


Ruidosa (“to make noise, to rumble, the agitators”), invites a bilingual and multi-cultural mix of mujeres musicians and culture makers and shapers to share their unique experiences of developing careers from such diverse spaces such as journalism, punk, ranchera, pop and alternative music. A conversation that explores the challenges of being a bilingual multicultural female artist and communicator in the world today, including issues such as identity, gender and music, art and content as a vehicle of change and transformation. Today more than ever in the US, is the moment to talk about being latina, feminista and proud.

En el contexto del festival GIRLSCHOOL 2017 de LA, Ruidosa tendrá un panel de conversación con un diverso grupo de mujeres artistas y creadoras/comunicadoras bilingues y multiculturales. Se explorarán los desafíos de navegar una carrera bilingue y multicultural hoy en Estados Unidos – incluyendo temas tales como identidad, género y música y arte como vehículo de cambio y transformación social.
Hoy, más que nunca, es el momento de activarse en USA.

Marty Preciado (editor Nylon en español) (Mex/LA)
Victoria La Mala (Artist) (Mex/LA)
Lido Pimienta (Artist) (Colombia/Toronto)
Alice Bag (Artist) (LA)
Moderated by Francisca Valenzuela (Artist/Ruidosa) (Chile/LA)

>> When: Saturday, January 28th.
>> Where Bootleg Theatre @ 12.30pm
>> Please be there @ 12.00 at the latest.

A Whole Lotta Remezcla Goin’ On!

I’ve done quite a bit of work for Remezcla since my return from Spain. I posted them in my Twitter feed. Here they are in one convenient location in case you missed them:

Listen: Neon Indian’s “Polish Girl”

Neon Indian looking all kinds of neon

Free Download: Pato Machete’s “Soy”

That may or may not be Mr. T's head on his shirt

Free Download: Maluca & Party Squad’s “Lola (ging danga)”

You may remember her as the girl with the beer can rollers

Visionary Sounds Music Festival feat. Zuzuka Poderosa, Niña Dioz, Andrea Balency & More

Niña Dioz tears it up with some help from DJ Ethos and Ra

Cansei de Ser Sexy’s new album: La Liberacion

Deliver me from modern art!

Mujer. Musica. Movement! feat. Carla Morrison, Pilar Diaz, Francisca Valenzuela and Fernanda Ulibarri

Direct from Chile: Francisca Valenzuela