Happy Birthday Harry Nilsson and RIP!

Harry Nilsson would have been 70 today had it not been for heart failure in 1994.

Nilsson! (photographer unknown)

From Dangerous Minds:

If you’re under 45-years of age, you might have little idea of who the great singer/songwriter/hellraiser Harry Nilsson was, but surely almost everyone has heard his biggest hits “Everybody’s Talkin’” (from the Midnight Cowboy soundtrack), “Without You” (a Badfinger cover given its devastating emotional impact by Harry’s plaintiff three octave vocal range, later recorded by Mariah Carey) and “Coconut” which was used in dozens of movies (normally during a drinking scene) and in more than one 7UP advertising campaign.

Many will recognize Nilsson’s “Coconut” from the ending credits to Reservoir Dogs:

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