From Post-Punk to Latin Romance: How Diego Garcia Got His Groove (and Girl) Back


KCRW launched its first installment of its Summer Nights series in Pasadena with a
concert by artist Diego Garcia this past Saturday. KCRW DJ Anne Litt introduced Garcia
and his well-dressed backup band of musician friends to an adoring crowd that packed
the European-style courtyard of the One Colorado shopping area.

The show, Garcia’s last in his week-long tour of California, covered every track off his
freshly-released solo debut album, Laura, as well as a cover of The Kinks “This Strange
Effect” for good measure. Amidst the setting sun and gentle breeze, Garcia poured his
heart out as he shared the pain of lost love, the comfort and release provided by time and maturity and the triumph of love regained.

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Bidding Adieu to a Non-Professional Experiment: RIP LCD Soundsystem

LCD Soundsystem - Nancy Whang and James Murphy Photo credit: Todd Fixler

The year was 2002. It may have been 2003. I was in college and trading CD-R’s filled with MP3’s of every genre imaginable with a girl from a university in Pennsylvania who spent one night a week behind the DJ booth in the university’s radio station.

The first mix she sent me kicked off with a little ditty called “Losing My Edge” credited to James Murphy. I laughed, I made note of every group named, I bobbed my head and tapped my feet along to the now infamous beat. I then lost track of Mr. Murphy until 2005 when I recognized his voice in a song about Daft Punk playing a show in the basement of his house.

Thus began a love affair with one of the best bands of the new millennium whose career will come to an end this Saturday at Madison Square Garden where Murphy & co., a.k.a. LCD Soundsystem, will play their last show ever.

In memoriam, I present to you my favorite LCDS songs:

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Henry Rollins turns 50: A Brief Guide to Kicking Ass at Everything in Life

Henry Rollins has hit the point in every artist’s/icon’s career where his name becomes an adjective. His contributions to music, politics and entertainment are many and could fill up a multi-volume book. Considering this vast and intimidating mountain of work, I present below a (very) brief summary of his life for those who are just now getting acquainted and want to know what all the fuss is about.

Henry Rollins. Photo by Shawn Mortensen

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