Adventures In Lima, Peru

I spent only three weeks in Peru but one would think I were there for at least two months considering the amount of photos and videos I have archived. I have more time now to share the rest beginning with the country’s capital, Lima.

My friend and I stayed at Shablul hostel in the district of Miraflores. We were just a few blocks away from Parque Kennedy (Kennedy Park), which hosted a variety of events and festivals that we were lucky enough to partake in.

Mediterranean food fair with many pro-Palestine signs and such.
My first taste of coca came in beer form. My face should tell you how delicious it was (re: it wasn’t).
My friends in Lima took us to Club La Havana, a Cuba-inspired bar/restaurant. It’s where we had our first taste of pisco, a grape brandy popular in Peru and Chile.
Another club whose name I forgot.
Art vendors at Parque Kennedy.
Check out this cool building!
Hence the name. Lima’s sister city is Pensacola, FL.

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