Direct From Chile: The Innocent Sounds of Dënver

Above is the official video for the song “Los Adolescentes” by Chilean Indie/Pop group Dënver (good luck pronouncing the umlaut).

The song is the latest single off their recently-released, second album Música, Gramática, Gimnasia (Music, Grammar, Gym). The track is a dreamy mix of Crystal Castles, Hello Kitty and the best scenes from every John Hughes “coming of age” films of the 1980s.

Mariana Montenegro (vocals, keyboard) and Milton Mahan (vocals, guitar) started Dënver (a nod to Jack Kerouac’s On The Road) in 2005 in their hometown of San Felipe and later moved to the country’s capital of Santiago after the underground success of their 2006 debut EP, Solenöide, thanks to songs such as “Los Ultimos Veranos.”

Montenegro and Mahan followed the EP with a proper full-length album in 2008, Totoral. The album spawned two hit singles, “Estilo De Vida” and “Los Menos.” The video for “Los Menos” was a finalist in the Festival de Videoclip Chileno.

The duo signed with label Sello Cazador in 2010 and released Música, Gramática, Gimnasia with the single “Lo Que Quieras,” also a Festival finalist.

Carlos Reyes at has the full album review.

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