Kreayshawn Gets Her Parody: Kreayfish – “Fishy Fishy”

The summer of 2011 quickly became the summer of Kreayshawn, a 21 year-old rapper/pop singer from Oakland who blew up after she released her track “Gucci Gucci” this past May:

It only took a week for the video to reach 1 million hits and it didn’t take long after that for Columbia Records to offer her a contract (yes, she signed it).

Naturally, fame brings its own load of unique baggage along with it such as the eventual parody. Kreayshawn now has her own official parody thanks to the sketch comedy artists at Loud Village. Their version is less concerned with swag and more interested in fish tacos:

“Will [Reese] thought ‘Gucci Gucci’ would be a funny song to parody,” says Jeremy Burke of LV. “I wrote the lyrics and he recruited Wendy McColm, who plays ‘Kreayfish,’ from UCB. She’s on a sketch team there called ‘The Get Go’ and his roommate made the beat. I got the locations and everyone else and made a hilarious video.”

“I wanted it to be just like her video staying very true to vibe and most of the shots. We basically swapped out all the weed for fish tacos. It was pretty funny especially when we took it to Fairfax to shoot because that whole scene is blowing up. There were those kind of kids everywhere and we show up with a girl that looks JUST like Kreayshawn and a fucking dude who’s playing Lil Debbie. It looked ridiculous!”

Wendy McKreayfish
That fish taco does look like tasty!

“Immediately there were people coming up to us. A lot of them said they were friends with the actual Kreayshawn.”

“They thought it was funny for the most part but not enough to actually be in the video since they didn’t want to offend anyone, haha.”

“We even had a few scary moments like when one guy skated by and yelled out ‘Don’t get yourself killed’ but the best was when this little girl and her big sister went up to Wendy and asked her for an autograph. She had to be like 8 years old!”


“Loud Village is basically the fusion between alternative music and alternative comedy,” says Burke (pictured above at SXSW). “After working in music for years, I decided to start doing what I loved most, which is comedy. With the way that the internet is now, I noticed a lot of parallels between music and comedy, like how it’s distributed and how they connect with their fanbase so I started taking classes again at the Upright Citizens Brigade theatre.”

“While there, I met a lot of other up-and-comers in comedy. I met Will Reese in my sketch writing class and he started helping me on the technical end of things. In the meantime, for work, I started doing freelance social media for anyone I could my hands on.”

Lookin' fishy!
Fishy Fishy cast & crew

Best Fish Tacos In Ensenada {featured in the video. ~Afrox.} is right around the corner from me and one of my favorite spots so I reached out to them. Joseph Cordova, their owner, was all about the idea of me making some videos for him and helping him with social media.”

The rest is comedy history and comedy gold!

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