Pointy Boots Optional: 3Ball MTY at The Belasco

3Ball MTY, the DJ outfit from Monterrey, Mexico that is partly responsible for the pointy boot craze (and I mean pointy!), spun a long set at the Belasco in downtown LA on Thursday night. The show was part of a larger, nationwide campaign called the Premios Juventud VIP Tour happening throughout the summer used to promote Univision’s upcoming Premios Juventud (Youth Awards) awards show.







Check out the full set of photos on my Flickr.


About Afroxander

Afroxander is the nom de guerre for writer/photographer Ivan Fernandez, based in Southern California. His work has appeared in The San Bernardino County Sun, Modern Fix magazine, The People’s Dance Party blog, The Rockit magazine and other outlets. He currently freelances for LA Weekly, Remezcla and anyone else willing to send him out on an exciting adventure.
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One Response to Pointy Boots Optional: 3Ball MTY at The Belasco

  1. jajaja i love that guy’s shir,t “if you aint bein hated on you aint doing shit.” …ughh, hate to agree. I’ll have to make one

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