Student Art At The Escuela Superior Autonoma de Bellas Artes In Cusco

Plaza of the Escuela Superior

I spent a good portion of my time in Cusco, Peru admiring the work created by art students of the Escuela Superior Autonoma de Bellas Artes. My favorite piece was a large installation by Victor Salvatierra Laime, Oscar Alberto Llalla Cordova, Elio Pumasupa Solano, and Mario Gamarra Valdez. The piece illustrates the famous battle at Cusco between the Incas and the Chankas.

The battle of Yawarpampa, “el campo de sangre” (the field of blood)

The Chankas was a indigenous tribe in Peru primarily located in the Andahuaylas (modern-day Apurimac) region and consisted of two separate tribes: the Hanan Chankas and the Uran Chankas.

In 1438, Hanan Chanka leader Anccu Hualloc led an army of 40, 000 strong, including warriors from the Ayamarca tribe, and invaded the city of Cusco. Incan prince Cusi Yupanqui led the resistance with allies from the Canas tribe and regained control of Cusco. The battle led to the formation of the Incan empire, known in Quecha as Tawantinsuyu, by Yupanqui who became Pachacutec.

There are more photos of student art at my photoset at Remezcla, From Graffiti To Pre-Columbian Art: Peru Photo Series.

Possibly Hanan Chanka leader “Anccu Hualloc”
Possibly Incan prince Cusi Yupanqui (later Pachacutec)
The Chancas were feared as fierce warriors

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