Buyenpongo Go Beyond Cumbia To Forge Their Own Sound, “Buyangú”

Buyepongo photo by Edgar Robles
Buyepongo photo by Edgar Robles

There once was a running joke among folks in L.A.’s Latino music scene that went something like this: “Wherever you are, Buyepongo’s there, too, jamming out.”

For years, the group performed anywhere and everywhere it could at any and all hours of the day. You could find them playing Mariachi Plaza during the day, then catch them later the same evening at the Mayan opening up for Ondatrópica. That ubiquity was necessary in developing the group’s core sound and style: a fusion of Latino, African and American sounds, grooves and rhythms, which has finally been compiled in the group’s long-awaited full-length debut album, Todo Mundo.

Read the rest of the article at LA Weekly.

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