The Road To Machu Picchu: Day Three

The Road To Machu Picchu is a four-part series that chronicles my exploits travelling form Cusco, Peru to the mountain of Machu Picchu, an ancient site built by the Incas that is preserved and protected by the government of Peru and UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Catch up on Day One and Day Two.

Day three began with the realization that Viracocha was out to get me. The Incan rain god followed me to Santa Teresa and, once again, poured buckets of rain overnight. This wouldn’t have been a problem had I not hung one of my shirts on a clothesline to air out the stench of nicotine attached to it after a night out on the town. Luckily, Viracocha showed some pity and the rain stopped around sunrise. I had just enough time before breakfast to dry the shirt to a “slightly moist” level.

After breakfast, our group split in two and we each headed to different directions for the same exciting purpose: ziplining! We went to a park run by Canopy Peru/Cola De Mono for the excursion. We hiked up to the top of a hill where the first of six ziplines awaited us. I’ll let the picture and videos describe how it happened (I suggest turning the volume down, ziplines are pretty loud!):

View from the third zipline

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