Electronic Sounds via Analog Instruments: Getting Funky with Telephunken

There isn’t, unfortunately, much known about Telephunken, the Funk/Electronic trio featuring Ernesto “DJ Telephunken” Sanchez, bassist/VJ Sergio Zamavirde and drummer Fernando Parrilla.

Para hacerte bailar! Photo courtesy of heraldo.es

The trio was once an Indie-Pop group from Zaragoza who later moved to Madrid and morphed into a Latin-Funk-Dance machine. The group has a handful of releases most notably Antibalas and Que Viva El Ritmo!!! Other than that, there’s not much else. I’ll have to pin Sanchez down in Madrid to learn more.

Watch the band’s short documentary on their trip to SXSW 2010:

Listen to “Shake Your Monkey:”


Sanchez also creates some killer mixes blending Hip-Hop, Funk, Rock and Jazz such as:

Telephunken’s Summer 2011 Mix

Thirty Thirsty Mix

El Aviador Dro: 30+ Years of Spanish Synthesizers

I’ll be out of the country this July and living in Valladolid, Spain where I’ll be improving my Spanish writing and grammar skills at University of Valladolid. I’m going to mark the occasion with a number of posts about Spanish music groups beginning with:

El Aviador Dro y Sus Obreros Especializados (The Aviator Dro and His Specialized Workers, Aviador Dro for short) is an Electronic Pop group from Madrid whose musical style falls somewhere between Kraftwerk’s serious minimalism and DEVO’s deadpan kitsch.

Founding members Servando Carballar and Arturo Lanz fmet in Madrid’s Santamarca Institute in 1976. Carballar formed Punk group Alex y Los Drugos (Alex and The Droogs) in 1978. He later bought an electric organ that same year and created Techno-Pop group Holoplastico. Continue reading “El Aviador Dro: 30+ Years of Spanish Synthesizers”

Ladytron Seduces With New Single “White Elephant”

Gravity The Seducer. Artwork by Neil Krug/Trevor Tarczynski.

I may not be as excited for every new Ladytron release as I was in my college days but I’m always happy to know that the Liverpool quartet continues to create solid electronic-pop music. Case in point, “White Elephant,” their first single off their upcoming fifth LP Gravity The Seducer:

Continue reading “Ladytron Seduces With New Single “White Elephant””