Ladytron Seduces With New Single “White Elephant”

Gravity The Seducer. Artwork by Neil Krug/Trevor Tarczynski.

I may not be as excited for every new Ladytron release as I was in my college days but I’m always happy to know that the Liverpool quartet continues to create solid electronic-pop music. Case in point, “White Elephant,” their first single off their upcoming fifth LP Gravity The Seducer:

Kudos to Pitchfork for the tracklist:

01 White Elephant
02 Mirage
03 White Gold
04 Ace of Hz
05 Ritual
06 Moon Palace
07 Altitude Blues
08 Ambulances
09 Melting Ice
10 Transparent Days
11 90 Degrees
12 Aces High

“Ace of HZ” makes a return as well. The track originally debuted on last year’s Best of 00 – 10 collection.

Gravity The Seducer will be officially released on Sept. 13 through Nettwerk.

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