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The Drug War’s Psychological Impact

Nearly every story about the drug war in Mexico begins with or eventually mentions statistics on the number of persons killed as a result of it. Far too little of them, however, consider the effects of the drug war on … Continue reading

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Mexico vs. Panama Gold Cup Match at The Rose Bowl

This past Sunday was the much anticipated first set of CONCACAF Gold Cup matches between Mexico and Panama. Canada vs. Martinique was played before in a double-header but I skipped it in order to partake in all the free food … Continue reading

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Take A Trip Through Hell On Earth With K. Mennem As Your Guide

Since I wrote about the drug war in Mexico last year (see here and here), I’ve discovered more independent journalists who devote their time to covering drug war-related events in Mexico. One of these journalists is K. Mennem, creator of … Continue reading

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Meet Ruido Rosa, Mexico’s Ladies of Rock

To continue where I left off a few months ago, I present another talented artist/group from Mexico: Ruido Rosa. Ruido Rosa is a rock n’ roll quartet from Mexico City featuring Alejandra Moreno (vocals), Daniela Sanchez (guitar), Carla Sarinana (bass) … Continue reading

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Blood, Drugs and Hitmen Addendum: Javier Garza Ramos

Javier Garza Ramos, editor-in-chief for Mexican newspaper El Siglo de Torreon, wrote a piece for the Columbia Journalism Review that covers on a topic I touched on briefly in a previous post. The following excerpt comes from Writing The War On Drugs: Why … Continue reading

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Blood, Drugs and Hitmen: Where to find Info. on Organized Crime and Narcotrafficking in Mexico and Latin America

Drug cartels in Mexico who once operated in the shadows announced their entrance into mainstream society with a number of beheadings in 2006 that marked the beginning of a wave of unprecedented violence that still consumes parts of the country. Gun … Continue reading

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No Es El Grito: Cinco de Mayo History Cheat Sheet

Let’s skip past the obvious sombrero/sarape jokes and get straight to the point: far too many people have no clue what Cinco de Mayo is all about nor how it came to be. For the sake of brevity, I present … Continue reading

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