Planking Across Spain

I don’t recall exactly the “how” or even the “why” this began but for some odd yet humorous reason I ended up planking a number of sites during my trip to Spain. What began as a simple one-time joke became a long-running gag funny in its silliness and pointlessness. The photos were taken by various friends who were more than happy to oblige (and egg me on!)




The wall is one of the original borders of the city of Valladolid still left standing.



Everyone was upset during our group dinner as it was our last week together…so I cheered them up with a plank!





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Museo Casa de Cervantes: The Former Home of Don Quixote’s Father


Museo Casa de Cervantes (House of Cervantes Museum) is a museum dedicated to the life and work of Spain’s greatest writer, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra.

"Oh yeah...the guy who fought the windmill!"

The museum is the former home of Cervantes who lived in Valladolid with his family from 1604 – 1606. He completed his masterpiece, El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha, here and published it in 1605. Monarch Alfonso XIII and Archer Huntington, then-president of the Hispanic Society of America, purchased the property in 1912 and later donated it to the State. The building was officially inaugurated as the Museo Casa de Cervantes on April 12, 1948.


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A Visit to Museo Nacional Colegio de San Gregorio (St. Gregory’s College National Museum)

A highlight of my stay in Valladolid, Spain was my group’s trip to the city’s nationally-recognized museum of religious sculpture at Colegio de San Gregorio. The museum hosts an incredible collection of religious sculptures and paintings from the 15th – 18th centuries. Highlights from my visit are below and, as always, all photos from my visit (nearly 200!) can be seen on my Flickr.






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A Brief Tour of Valladolid, Spain

I have lived in Valladolid for nearly two weeks now and my time here so far has been incredible. The city is small enough to cover by foot which I’ve grown accustomed to. Most streets are small and, today, I realized that I have yet to see a pickup truck, Escalade or other large vehicle in the city. The buses are the largest vehicles here.

Anyway, enjoy the photos below and make sure to see them all on my Flickr page.










The First Stamp on my Passport: Valladolid, Spain

Today is the big day:

Plaza Zorrilla, Valladolid (Spain) HDR

Photo by marcp_dmoz

I am currently sitting in the airport (barring any issues) and am about to board my flight to Dallas – London – Madrid. From there, it’s a bus ride to Valladolid where I’ll be living/studying for the next month.

I am beyond excited…this is my first time visiting Spain as well as Europe in particular. I have a few trips within the country planned. I wish I had more money to see more of Europe but that’s a trip for another time.

I have a few posts scheduled to post automatically as well so this page won’t be too quiet while I’m out eating tapas and wine.

Nos vemoz en Españia!